New video: Proper how-to for Palm Hotsync patch.

I finally re-did the video. Apologies for having a horrid video out there.
Here’s the new one.
Again. Sorry.


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4 Responses to New video: Proper how-to for Palm Hotsync patch.

  1. Seppo says:

    HI. Thanks for the fix. I installed the 2010/2013 fix as per instructions, however when I go into my Hotsync Manager (Applications – configure – settings) I get a Microsoft Conduit message “This version of Outlook is not supported by the Outlook conduit application. Supported Outlook versions are Outlook 98, 2000, XP (2002) and 2003”. Also, the hot sync does not work. I am using MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (32 bit). Hope you can help. Thanks again.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      try installing the palm outlook 2007 update first.

      • Seppo says:

        Did as suggested. Sync now gets stuck on “Synchronizing Date Book (Outlook)” and eventually Palm Vx comes up with message that connection lost. If I uncheck the Date Book it goes through successfully, however, this is not consistent. Subsequent runs may not work and hange on getting user details. My PC is 32 bit Windows 7. (Not sure if related, but I did notice some system messages popup on the PC like “Cannot start the reminder service….”. This message only started after kinstalling the 2007 conduit update.

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        Check your calendar on Outlook for appointments that either have no end date, or go between days. According to Palm, these sorts of appointments can cause problems.

        Also, the first Sync may take a while. I’ve had reports of upwards of 20 minutes to copy all data over. I’m not sure if it will time out, but that could be the problem. Does it give any OLERR errors when it stops working? These can be checked on Palm’s site to see what they suggest.

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