Goodbye Verizon. Hello T-Mobile.

I know that I normally don’t rant on here, but I feel it’s important this time.
I have finally decided to ditch Verizon. And by I, I mean We. And by We, I mean my family.
My mother is the account holder on Verizon, and is currently wanting to save money. We are also fed up with the horrible service in my area.
When we contacted Verizon earlier in the year about something that could be done to fix the service, they said that we could pay them between $200 and $300 for an extender that would use our home internet connection to provide basic phone and texting support, and possible 3G internet to our devices. We said no thanks and went on our way grumbling and complaining about no 3G service at home, limited calling, periods of time when a text may not send for over an hour. It was a mess.
Then a few months ago, my fiancee needed to switch her phone on T-mobile to her own name instead of her brother’s, as he was closing down the contract they were on. The rep at the T-mobile store got them in early on the “No contracts ever again” plan, and her and her mother were able to keep their phones on a simplephone plan for $60 a month. 2 lines, $60 a month, plenty of minutes, unlimited texting, etc. Good deal.
I start talking this over with my family, and we start researching.
A little background on our current contract with Verizon:
2x Lines with the old grandfathered “Unlimited 3G data” plan @$30 a month
1x line with the REALLY old 150MB\$15 plan.
2x lines that are simplephones.
Unlimited texting to all lines. 1400 minutes.
Total bill after my mom’s business discount: $240 a month.

We then went to T-mobile’s site after they went “No contract ever” and did the math:
5 lines of 500mb “4G” and then unlimited speed-rated internet, unlimited texting, and 1000 minutes (plus unlimited nights, weekends, holidays, etc) $100\month.
Yeah. you read that right. $20 a line for unlimited nearly everything.
Granted, we have to buy our own phones, but if each family member either buys outright, or gets a $10 or less per month phone, we’re still looking at $80+ a month savings over Verizon.
Here’s where it gets awesome though. Two lines on our Verizon account are still under contract. One has roughly 7 months left, but is a smart phone. One has 12 months left, but is a simplephone. Verizon’s Early Termination Fees for these two lines would add up to just around $300. That’s kinda steep… but doing the math shows that paying the ETF this summer and then being on T-Mobile until the smartphone plan would have ended in December would still save us over $800.
What’s the other good news: We get good service at home. Verizon gets us about 1-2 bars of 1x EVDO\RTT data. If we’re lucky. We have to take calls on the home phone if we don’t want to risk them disconnecting. It’s a nightmare. That $300 Verizon wanted to charge us to fix their problem? It’s going to the ETF instead.

If someone from Verizon ever reads this: We wouldn’t be leaving if you had actually provided an answer to our issues. Telling us to buy another product that may help our issue isn’t what we’re looking for. We would be okay paying what we do currently if it actually worked. Your customer support has done nothing but give the runaround with us when it comes to getting any issue solved. You’re losing a rather loyal customer who always hoped that when you told us that you were “planning on putting a new tower in the area” that you’d actually do it. You haven’t. You won’t. You’ve lost us.

To anyone from T-mobile who is reading this: Expect 5 new happy customers who will be enjoying 4G data and shiny new phones. I’m personally looking at the Lumia 521 or the Lumia 810 right now to replace my Trophy. I may even buy a second to gift to someone special I know on T-mobile as well. The fact that you can offer such awesome service, and an awesome price on data plans is amazing. I’m eagerly looking forward to getting a decent carrier who actually cares. Your customer support on Twitter and online is bomb-tastical. You answer questions that Verizon won’t. You support phones that are unlocked. You help customers get the best out of what they have. I look forward to a few good years of service at the least, and possibly many good years once I’m married.

Goodbye Verizon. Hello T-Mobile.


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