T-Mobile to Lumia 810 Owners: “Buy A New Phone”

Yeah. That’s what T-Mobile is currently pushing.

I apologize to anyone who follows me on twitter for seeing me constantly complain at them about this, but it is complete BS. I emailed Stephen Elop, the (ex) CEO of Nokia’s Devices and Services about this, who put me on the fast track with their customer support. I talked to an amazing rep at Nokia named Macy, and got all sorts of information. I wish I had been smart and recorded the call with Google Voice, but I forgot. Macy was kind enough to provide me with information like “Nokia has the update available” and upon asking further, I was told “We have been trying to work with T-Mobile on this issue, and are actively trying to have the update released for the [Lumia 810] but T-Mobile is the one currently blocking the update. Our hands are tied.”

The furthest I’ve gotten with T-Mobile on the issue? “Buy a new device”. This is Verizon level BS at it’s finest. I honestly regret suggesting T-Mobile to my parents as a carrier now. The only difference between Verizon and T-Mobile at this point is the cell service quality at my parent’s house, and the fact that they’re not the ones that deal with customer support. This isn’t the first time they screwed us over either. The week we switched, T-Mobile actively lied to us about how to get our family moved over, and tried to charge us an extra $170 because of it. We got it sorted after a month of back and forth, a few very long phone calls, and a call to the bank to tell them to hold all payments to T-Mobile until it was resolved because money kept flowing their way.

I’m giving T-Mobile one last chance though. WP8.1 is on it’s way. If T-Mobile blocks this update too, then it’ll just be proof at how pathetic T-Mobile is to try and get people’s money. We switched because they seemed like the were a carrier that actually cared. They save our family a substantial amount of money per month, but if that means they feel they’re justified in screwing their customers over because they sell OTHER devices that they still support, that’s wrong. At least Verizon was up front about how much they were screwing you over.


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