Why I turned down a free upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 925 from T-Mobile.

If you’ve followed me on social media, you’ve probably seen how upset myself and others have gotten that T-Mobile has been rather… silent in terms of the reasons behind the abandonment of the Lumia 810. Unlike most people though, I’ve spent more time than I probably should have trying to pry an answer out of T-Mobile.

I finally got one.

Their current response, from their executive support response team (From the Office of the President, of all places…) was that there’s an incompatibility somewhere that causes it to have issues with the T-Mobile network, OR that Microsoft requested the software to not be sent out to the device. One of the two (The first one makes sense, but I haven’t gotten an answer yet about Lumia Cyan, only Lumia Black)

Their resolution: They send me a Lumia 925, I send them my Lumia 810. I declined. Here’s why:

First, on the surface, the Lumia 925 sounds like an amazing device. And for someone who’s only had a cheap Android smartphone, or who has had the Lumia 521, it’s a huge step up. For someone like me who’s had the Lumia 810, it’s actually a step down. I’ll break down what you miss out on switching from the 810 to the 925 (and what you gain)

Processor: Both sport the same 1.5ghz MSM8960 from Qualcomm, so no improvement there.
Camera: Both sport the same 8MP Camera, but the Lumia 925 has OIS advertised (Lumia 810 has it when using the Nokia Pro Cam app)
Network connectivity: Both sport the same set of junk to connect to T-Mobile network (No surprise there.) Both support WiFi a/b/g/n, BT4.0LE, etc.
Storage: Lumia 810: 8GB Internal, SDHC (Possibly SDXC) slot. Lumia 925: 16GB\32GB fixed. With WP8.1, Lumia 810 can actually out-perform the Lumia 925 in the storage department.
Battery: Lumia 810: 1800mAh Removable battery. Lumia 925: 2000mAh internal battery. While it seems like the 925 is better, after a year or so of heavy use, you’ll be wanting to replace that battery. Ones for the 810 are ~$5 for an official Nokia one, or $15 for a 2800mAh replacement battery that doesn’t require an extended case.

Now for the ONLY spec that is actually (marginally) better on the Lumia 925: Display. Lumia 810 has a 800×480 4.3″ display. Lumia 925 has a 1280×768 4.5″ display.

Oh, Wireless Charging? Lumia 810 has an internal pogo connector, and a replaceable back to add wireless charging (Able to put the guts of the wireless charging onto a standard back so that you’ve got a slim wireless charger). Lumia 925: You’re stuck with external pogo connectors and a shell that clamps on it. It’s either case OR wireless charging.

So what’s the reason I declined a free Lumia 925? There’s no real upgrade for me. Yeah, I could get a slightly larger display, but at what cost? I’d lose internal wireless charging, SD support (Which I use a TON, especially since a 64GB SDXC card is now ~$30) and I’d lose the replaceable battery. My current one is nearing the end of it’s lifecycle, and I have a new 2800mAh pack on it’s way (Shipping takes a long time from overseas, but the brand is trusted, and the extended battery they make for the Samsung Galaxy S4\S5 has tons of good reviews on Amazon, so I trust them). I love that I can pop the phone open without voiding my warranty, and that the backs are available in Black, Red, Cyan, and Grey, just in case I get bored with Black, or want a second back for some reason. What would I gain? Official software from Nokia (Not much use right now thanks to Developer Preview) and a larger display. Not worth it.

Still waiting to hear back from T-Mobile about the Lumia Cyan update and what their plans are for it. Might be good news in the future.


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2 Responses to Why I turned down a free upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 925 from T-Mobile.

  1. I know this is an old post, but……….. 925 has better camera and LTE. Other than that. I agree with you. Love my 810

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      For me, I’ve found the only thing the 810 is missing is OIS, which is nice in some situations, but it doesn’t get outperformed by the 925 in most situations. (I have both accessible to me now, as my wife upgraded from a HTC Radar to a 925). The 810 has 4G, which when I’m in an LTE area, the 925 says LTE and the 810 says 4G on it, so it seems they’re both compatible with the same bands and networks, just display it differently.

      Currently exploring how hard it would be to flash the 810 with a ROM for the 820, and seeing what breaks. First need to get an 830 so I have a proper spare phone.

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