Update on self, etcs.

It’s been over a year since I last posted an update to this blog. I should probably update that.

I’ll just do a simple timeline of events that should help people out, and the next few posts will be hopefully semi-regular.

May 2014: Graduated college, Concordia University, Seward NE with a bachelors degree in Secondary ELA education, and a bachelors degree in Computer Science.

June 2014. Married the love of my life. At this point we’d been together for nearly 6 years.

Late-June 2014. Traveled the US with wife, visiting Chicago (O’Hare specifically), the SF Bay Area for 2 weeks, Houston TX (for a layover) and then driving from MSP to Detroit to see The Wizard Of Oz on stage and see family.

July 2014. Got a job in Fargo, ND, spent month packing stuff. Rescued a kitten from step-father-in-law’s farm.

August 2014: Moved in, started teaching. Absolutely wonderful students at the school. Made tons of memories that school year.

October 2014: 6 years of being together with my now-wife. I had pneumonia so we didn’t do much (And my parents were over too, that was nice)

March 2015: Contacted T-Mobile again about the 810 mess. Expected (and got) nothing at that time. Was offered choice of a 635 for free, a 925 refurb for $50, or $150 off a HTC M8 with Windows. Didn’t like those compared to the 810, so didn’t do anything.

Late-March 2015: Microsoft announces Windows Insiders for Mobile. Lumia 635 is one of the phones able to test immediately. Contact T-Mobile to see if that free 635 offer is on the table. A day of email-tag and finally a phone call, and different rep says notes mention a M8 with Windows, but says free on their end. Also got to keep the 810. M8 showed up, didn’t like it, sold it on eBay, bought an 830.

April 2015: Gave 810 to little brother. Stopped bothering T-Mobile about the 810. Great phone, but the 830 is better. 640 replaces the 810 now featurewise, so no reason to keep fighting.

Late-April 2015: School situation doesn’t work out. Job hunt initiates.

May 2015: Summer starts, school hunting starts.

Late-May 2015: Job offer received and accepted, requires relocation. That’s fine.

June 2015: 1 year wedding anniversary. Make plan to travel to location of new school and see the sites. That was cool.

July 2015: acquire new housing. Finish packing.

Late-July 2015 (last 2 days to be exact): Move. Both sets of parents help. Siblings from my side help. Was good weekend.

August 2015: New school year starts. Smaller school, great kids.

September 2015: Got a dog from local shelter. Two days before we were to adopt him, he got attacked by another dog. He spent 4 weeks at a local vet getting patched up, but since we hadn’t officially adopted him yet, we only paid $150 for adoption. He is doing great though, and as of today has no stitches and shows no signs of complications. I’ll detail his saga in a later blog post.

Now (October 2015): Life is good. Some days it can be hard, but for the most part every day has a positive experience or three.

Sorry for taking so long to update. I have quite a bit to update on my site.

Palm pulled the downloads from their site, Another version of Office is out (2016), and I am very close to fixing x64 builds of Office with it. (I’ve figured out what might be blocking it, I just need to have enough free time without other responsibilities to actually dig out my Palm collection and test stuff.)

Hopefully I can provide some useful info, and document my life, married life, our pets, and the area a little bit better. Blogging is therapeutic after all.


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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

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