HP officeJet Pro X476 firmware update issues

HP recently broke their firmware update for the OfficeJet Pro line of printers that are the Xx76 line. I’ve been fighting this printer for a few days now but have successfully gotten it fully updated after a bunch of hoopla and nonsense.

First, HP did their best to scrub a perfectly fine firmware update from the internet. Firmware revision 1604 was released to remove their silly 3rd party ink restrictions. There’s links to that firmware file everywhere, but HP pulled the file itself off their website. Don’t ask me why. They’re probably wanting to brick these printers in order to sell new ones for all I know.

Fortunately there’s at least one known download link for 1604 that works. Hopefully it keeps working. DriverGuide was kind enough to mirror most of the Xx76 line (X476, X576, etc) and they have the firmware! Just browse to your specific model and see if it’s there. The X476DN firmware wont work on an X476DW and vice versa. I’ve got the 1604 firmware for the DN and DW models of X476 and plan to mirror them soon, but for now DriverGuide is your best bet.

Next: You need to do some firmware jiggerpokery in order to step firmwares. You’ll also need an active network connection on the printer, along with a USB cable available.

First we need to prep the printer. Make sure it’s fully booted and then press the Home button, the back button, and then the Home button 3 more times. (It should start loading after 2 presses, but 3 just to be safe).

You should see a manufacturing mode menu. It’s really neat. Tap the Manufacturing Mode choice. You’ll see a blank screen and up\down arrows on the bottom. Scroll using those arrows to land at the “NVM\FIRMS clear” option. Press OK to enter that menu.

Scroll until you see “Clear Firms” and press OK. It will inform you that you need to reboot the printer. Do so by pressing the power button and allowing a graceful shutdown, followed by a normal power on procedure.

Plug in your USB cable, make sure Windows sees your printer, and run the 1604 firmware update tool. It should see and update to 1604 without issues.

Next, if HP E-Print \ Web Services are not enabled, do so. You will need internet access on the printer to do so, and to download the 1819 update.

Once E-Print services are enabled, Press the button to bring up the menu (Top right button, looks like a PDA with a few “wifi” lines on it). Once E-Print loads, press Settings. Then Printer Update, and Check for Update Now. it will download and install 1819 successfully.

Hopefully this works for you and should save a few headaches.


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