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Where did pizzaboy192? The short story is that when I signed up for Hotmail about 9 years ago, that is what I picked. Soon thereafter I signed up for other web services using the same screen name and it’s kinda stuck. That’s been the big issue with all of this. It got bigger than I imagined and I haven’t found an easy way or least-painful way to deal with transitioning to another username, and frankly, some site just shouldn’t have my real name on them. Some of the sites that you can find pizzaboy192 on include Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, and nearly every web forum that I’ve contacted with and used. The reason that I keep using this username is for that very reason. It makes it easy for people online to contact me (hence pizzaboy192.com and pizzaboy192.wordpress.com) and it allows me to easily brand myself online for the same reason. I post a patch for the Palm Pilot PalmOS to work with Outlook 2010 and 2013, and I have an easy way for people to find me if they need help. I’ve also developed patches and other fixes for products that I’ve used and by sharing a unified username, it makes it very easy to find me and brand myself.

Why am I writing this? Because as a teacher and someone who is entering the professional field, I need something more professional to contact people with. Because of this, I have opened a new Facebook and Twitter account using my real name on them. I will not be afraid to show people that I have the Pizzaboy192 accounts if they ask, but having a “professional” form of communication open really helps. The same goes for communication services like Skype. I’ll be opening new accounts using my new usernames so that I can have a more professional initial appearance. From the point of the employer, it makes more sense to talk with someone with a professional sounding username compared to someone who has a username of pizzaboy192. If you are one of those possible future employers, you’ve obviously found my username and have read this far. Feel free to ask any question you have to me, and I’ll be willing to answer them.

As for everything else, just ask. That’s why this blog is here, and that’s why I keep this communication channel open.

(pizzaboy192) [at] {hotmail} [dot] [[com]]
alternatively: gmail
@pizzaboy192 on twitter

alternate to the alternate: search pizzaboy192 and Private Message me via any of the forums listed.




6 Responses to About

  1. DAGMAN5 says:

    Know you were i can get an android rom for lg fathom, is it possible?
    I want to get the android as native os…
    because i have a root (haret), but this do not remove windows mobile.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Nobody has made a flashable ROM as of yet for the LG Fathom that is Android.
      The best you can do is put a shortcut to haret in your startup folder so that it will boot HARET as soon as Windows starts loading.

    • In response to the Android question… I just played around with it last night, and after trying 2 versions, I got Android 2.2.1 working quite well. Touchscreen was almost capacitive feeling, very responsive. Wi-fi worked well, and Google Play was working as well. I had live weather widgets and live wallpaper. I even played Angry Birds on it.Only things that didn’t work were CDMA network and the camera. It didn’t even run off a ROM – it was a haret program on the microSD.

      Because of those issues, I had to go back to WinMo 6.5 stock. I was running Android off the SD card, so I pulled the battery and booted back into Windows and was fine for a little while. Then, it started randomly making calls, glitching everything, and even crashed a 5-way conference call. I did a factory restore on it, but now the touch screen doesn’t work… It will respond to one touch to keep the screen from dimming, but from there it’s dead. I’ve been trying custom ROMs all night with no success… So in short, don’t mess with Android unless it’s a crap device…

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        It sounds like there’s some setting that has just gone bad. If you’re using custom ROMs, it would reset all the drivers and settings. There seems to be more going on than just a screwed up ROM that was flashed.
        Is the screen completely unresponsive? or does it respond to touches, but the UI does not?

  2. DAGMAN5 says:

    And for windows phone 7 or webos?
    (i have haret now)

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Windows Phone 7 will not run on the device, because it does not meet the required specs. (WP7 requires 512MB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage.)
      We may however be able to install WP7.5 “Tango” on the phone at some point, as Tango reduces the requirement to 256MB of RAM, and most of the first gen WP7 phones used an SD card as storage, so we might be able to some day hack it on to the Fathom.
      I will personally be working on porting WebOS to the Fathom when the full source is released. I’d enjoy using that on my Fathom as much as Windows Mobile.

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