New video: Proper how-to for Palm Hotsync patch.

I finally re-did the video. Apologies for having a horrid video out there.
Here’s the new one.
Again. Sorry.


The Complete guide to syncing Outlook 2010 AND 2013 with Palm Hotsync

Hello everyone,
My patch has been updated. There’s some new things, and some old ones.
New: It works with 2010 AND 2013.
Old: Same download location:
other old: Still doesn’t work with X64 editions of Office. Sorry.
New: How-to video. One that is good this time.

New: forum support link.

Old: same way to patch the files manually, but it’s replacing 11 or 12 with a 15 (new office name)


Test Two: Moving the blog (Finally)

I got GoDaddy to finally work properly with my blog.

Here’s hoping that it works.

if it works, please leave a comment and try to register. I’ll see what I need to fix still.

Guess what! You can now use your Palm With an X64 OS

Many thanks Palm Support and WyreNut in getting me this link.

You can now USB sync your devices on X64 devices! Yay!



The Complete Guide to Using Outlook 2010 with Palm Hotsync

EDIT: New blog post with latest updates:

Update: I’ve released an automagical installer:

Visit to get it.

Read more of this post

RIP Palm.

Sadly, HP has decided to end the Palm branding.
My only hope is that HP will do what Palm did, and keep the support up for the legacy devices… Keep the old Handspring and other Hotsync stuff on the palm support. Keep and up.
If they don’t, we shall mirror and move.
My T|X, M505, Handspring Visor, IIIC and my other Palms will still be used with what they are good at doing. But sadly, I have departed from Palm as well. I have moved to something more modern… Windows Mobile… and yet… I feel that people have abandoned that as well…
Only time will tell.

Sync your PalmOS device with Outlook 2010 (x86 only)

08-01-2011: Decided to tell you that there’s a new installer. no need to copy and paste now.
Find it at

I had this on my previous blog, but it died.
Maybe you’ll see this one instead and use it.

As refrenced via the Palm Support Forums, I have discovered and patched the hotsync conduits to work with x86 outlook 2010.

I’m in class right now, but I’ll update you in a few hours hopefully on how to build the patches and why they work the way they do.

for now:
The patch is located at:

I’ll prolly add it to my mediafire account as well so that you can grab it there too.

easy instructions using said patch:
Install your MS Office. (like i said before, X86 office works, X64 does not)
Install your Hotsync
Install your Office 2007 Conduit update update thing. (from palm)
Find your installation directory (usually either c:\program files\palm or c:\program files(x86)\palm, something like that)
find the file called “ocpConduitUI.dll”
find the other file in my .zip file
change permissions on both, or take ownership of the whole folder.
replace the files with the ones in my .zip pack
restart your computer
should work.

i’ll walk you through building your own later today\this week.
stay tuned.

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