FathomROM page fixed

Many new things are happening this month. The biggest is my new Full-Time job.
Because of that, site updates and other fun stuff will take more time than normal.

Now for the main reason. I fixed the FathomROM page. It works again.

On a side note: my latest ROM releases are XDA UC Compatible. Enjoy. (Google it)
I will keep that setting on my ROMs from now on. If you want one without UC, let me know. Otherwise it’ll stay in.

As for other things: I am hoping someone on the internets has a WP7 device that is unlocked GSM. Testing purposes. Specifically a HTC Trophy GSM or a HTC Radar.


And… the iPaq is getting it’s update!

As was suggested via twitter from a friend, I tried using a VM of XP to do the update… and it kinda works… mostly.

I couldn’t pass the USB connection to the VM, so I had to try an alternate method… USB to Serial converter… and connecting the serial port to the VM.

So… diagram:

Desk > Cradle > PocketPC.

PocketPC > Cradle > Serial > USB to Serial converter > Windows 7

Windows 7  COM 29> VMWare COM 1 > XP > HP\Compaq iPaq update program.

As it happens… it works… updater window says “This Operation will take approximately 60 minutes” and it’s been 2 hours… and only 26% complete so far. (@5:03PM)

I’ll be patient… and here’s hoping it finishes before I have to go to sleep tonight… Beyond that, It’s doing well.

UPDATE 1: Currently at 46%… time: 6:49PM

Update 2: Currently sitting at 98%… Time: 11:31 PM. ETA: 20 minutes. I hope.

Update 3: Update 1 finished @11:40 PM. It’s now 11:45 PM and installing Update 2. This one is via USB. Much Much Much faster. It says 4 minutes, and I believe it this time. Yay VMWare and the USB pass-through stuffs =D Should be done soon, and I’ll be on PPC2003 instead of 2002. Don’t worry. I still own a few 2002 devices. I’m not abandoning the field yet.

update 4: finished updating at 11:50. Hello Windows Mobile 2003 =)


Monday Update #5

So, here’s where I update you on all the little things I”ve blogged about.

1: There’s 2 threads about the LG Fathom Rom kitchens. One is on PPCGeeks in the LG Fathom section, the other is on XDA (Which I’ve already linked to)

2: I bricked my phone. New one should be here soon. I hope. It’s being replaced under warranty, and I know what I did wrong, so there’s no need to panic yet.

3: That Nintendo DS repair service thinger… I sent it out, and it came back. Turns out that I had used the wrong screws when putting it back together and one caused it to short out. Guy replaced the screws and the fuse. $20 for a working DS Lite (Total cost of the project was about $40)

4: I have an R4 card on the way. Will be fun to try and get it working the way I want it.

5: I’ve had my HP Touchpad for a few months now, and I’ve not been disappointed once. I would recommend Kindle Import from Preware if you want to use your own Kindle library on your PC instead of having to buy books.

6: I have 5 more days left in a classroom attempting to teach Freshmen in High School how to use Microsoft Office. My viewpoint has gone from the classic high school approach of “Stupid Freshmen” to “Ignorant freshmen who have no idea what the real world is like yet and need so much help getting them to understand the fact that there is more to life than their iPod and the cookie that was stolen from them that morning at lunch”

7: My roommates here are insane. It’s not bad though, just make sure to knock before entering.

8: Microsoft killed the Zune HD, but specifically said that it was the Zune HD hardware that wasn’t being made. That leaves it open for a new Zune to pop up with some WPMango goodness hiding inside.

9: I got a free copy of minecraft. You can find me on begin.punchingblocks.com… just don’t steal my castle again. it was annoying last time.

and finally:

10: Thank you to all who have donated to me so far. It’s a really big motivational thinger when I know people actually appreciate what I do. I’m glad someone likes what I do these days. I’m still working on this whole Palm Outlook X64 fiasco, but I don’t think I’ll get very far. Sorry.

That’s it for this monday. I can’t promise much this week, because of tons of homework, but I will try to post important things as they happen. Keep your eyes out for a Fathom ROM based on bits of V5 and V7 along with the latest of that line of builds from MS to crop up on PPCGeeks and XDA soon. I’m still cooking, but I can’t test until I get my new phone.


LG Volume for V5 or V4 ROMS (Or WVGA WM)

After using V7 for a few months, the one thing I missed from the V7 rom was the Volume controls customized by LG.

Thanks to a very kind user on BBF on PPCGeeks for providing all the files necessary. I just .cabbed them up.

It’s available on my Downloads Page for you to get.

Should also work on other WVGA devices. Haven’t tried yet, but I might on a HTC TouchPro2.


Arcsoft Be-Gone T-Mobile Edition Now Available


As I don’t have T-Mobile, I can’t guarantee that those cab files are still relevant, but I can say that the 599 cab works without a data plan.

You can get the working T-Mobile MMS cab from my Downloads Page

Once you’ve got it installed, then install one of the cabs listed under the T-Mobile Patch, and see which one works.

You will probably have to go to MMS settings, then go to GSM servers, click on your T-Mobile one, and select T-Mobile MMS or T-Mobile Data.

That should be all there is to it. Let me know if it works.

Just flashed to V5 from V7 on the Fathom. Best Idea Ever.

Finally got fed up with all the issues of the V7 rom from LG.
Flashed to V5.
Here’s the basics:

You can now download the entire V5 flash kit files from my Download Page. It has the ROM and the tools already set up. Just follow his directions and my pictures, and you’ll be on V5 in almost no time at all.
Follow that for ALMOST all of it.
You’ll want to change 2 steps:
1: instead of typing in VS750ZV7_04, you’ll type in VS750ZV5_06 where applicable.

That means renaming the .cab file, and for the rom version and the file name.
Everything else is exactly the same.

See above pictures for refrence. They should show all the information you need. The 2nd picture shows the window that will appear when you’ve entered all your information. After that window appears, plug in your phone in Emergency mode and hit “retry” on the box that pops up. It should go through.

Also, you can reboot the phone into emergency mode by holding 5 as you power it on. (no need to let the support tool try and do it for you.)

So far, so good. No Android start screen ripoff, and I’ve patched my Arcsoft away first thing.
Here’s hoping SPB can restore my phone after a ROM upgrade without borking it too badly.

Update: flash went well. SPB did restore my phone, borked it on first restore. did a hard reset and restored again. Worked that time. Now I just need to get some other things worked out and I’ll be golden.

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