OneNote for Students: Basic Note Taking

I’ve decided that I could probably pull off doing a whole “OneNote for Students” section on my blog. A place where you can get a quick guide on how to use it, what it really does, and how to set up your own Notebook.

I’m actually making an effort to include pictures as well.

Today’s Topic: Basic Note Taking

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Test Two: Moving the blog (Finally)

I got GoDaddy to finally work properly with my blog.

Here’s hoping that it works.

if it works, please leave a comment and try to register. I’ll see what I need to fix still.


That’s the Office 15 Beta product key.

Google Music Beta: Review

First off, I’m waiting for a Developers API. First thing I’ll do with it is write a WM App for it.
Second: Because there’s on WM Device compatibility for it AT ALL, I’m a little disgruntled. But, I can tether and use my Netbook, so I’ll be fine when driving. (That’s one beauty of the WM tether apps, they aren’t traceable by VZW)

Now on to the nitty-gritty. The music half of the Google Music Free Beta.

It is honestly pretty impressive. It loads quickly, uploads music in the background (it doesn’t support WinAMP, but i can just point it to my Music folders and call it good.) and it is pretty dang fast.

As of right now, it seems to use as much of your internet download speed as possible when it comes to streaming music. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, unless you’re using a 3G connection, or if your school is dumb like mine, and limits you to only xGB of internet a week. I feel that this will help me be able to consolidate my music onto just my desktop, and have what I want to listen to available on all my devices (Unlike Pandora or Slacker, both of which have ads and play whatever the heck they want, and are limited to licensing.)

Now, I could post screenshots of this, but they’re all over the internet right now, so I’m going to be lazy (for 2 reasons: 1 is that I’m still enjoying using it, and 2 is that I’m planning on moving my blog to my site soon)

As for the underpinnings, it is pretty fast, but requires flash to play music. I’m still wiresharking my way into some sort of API to get my music playing properly on WinMO.

Anyways, Music Beta is amazing. Good work Google. Just get us an API or a WinMO app. (I cannot stand Android, so I won’t be getting it anytime soon. though I may end up getting a Nook Color or other cheap tablet that runs Android with a patched Market)

What Microsoft is doing right in Windows 8.

The past few weeks have been great for Windows 8 leaks on the world wide internets. (The first two leaks had enough people downloading it that the site it was leaked to went over it’s 3TB data allotment in 13 days).

The first thing people were warned is that as of kernel version 6.2, VMWare and Windows Virtual PC won’t boot it. And here’s why: hardware emulation. The way that VMWare and Virtual PC emulate hardware is different than real hardware looks. Instead of VMWare and Microsoft Virtual PC emulate the latest in hardware, they were using older technologies. With Windows 8 (Kernel version 6.2), they are removing legacy compatibilities. This means that we will no longer have people complaining about how slow Windows is on their computer from 2001. They’ll be stuck with Windows 7 as the most modern system that they can use. This has been confirmed to lock you out of using Windows 8 on the first and second revision Pentium 4 processors and below. I haven’t tested my old Sempron box with Windows 8 (I haven’t gotten home to try it) nor have I tested on my old Athlon X2 laptop, so I can’t say how AMD systems are going to fare. I can say that the first revision Atom systems do work well.

I’ve seen many people complaining that this means they’ll need to buy a new computer, and they should if they want to use the latest OS. They are the people who will most likely pirate the OS anyways so that they can say they have the latest OS. The ones who realize how good this will be for computing as a whole are the ones who understand this by removing legacy hardware compatibility in the Kernel, it makes it lighter on the system, makes it faster, and allows more flexibility.

To those who were hoping to see how low of specs Windows 8 will install on, prepare to be disappointed. The oldest systems will be from around 2001. This means we (those of us who fix peoples computers) will finally have an excuse to push a new system out to people, and those who aren’t computer people will have an excuse to use with your parents to finally have them replace their old XP tower.

To those who complain about how buggy Windows 8 is: Live with it. They aren’t selling it now for a reason. There’s still over a year for development. Enjoy what you have and realize there are bugs galore.

Personally, I want a Ribbon’d explorer and a Metro login on my Netbook. Until 8 RTM’s, my Technet will remain expired.


New Win8 Build: 7955

One picture for you. You can google it if you’re curious


Windows 8 M1 build 7850 X86 quickPeek

Yup, I has it too.

Here’s a quickpeek at some changes,

new rdp connection options

New RDP Connection option: AutoDetect.

no more exFAT

DiskManagement no longer supports exFAT formatting


A Minor change to RemoteApp


You don’t need your Windows DVD to re-install anymore

strange new folders

A strange new StartUp folder has shown up

Need a win8 install disk

There’s more, but you can find them on the internets.


I would post more, but it’s time for lunch, so Enjoy.



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