Contact me!

Yup. You can contact me. Use it to let me know about new LG Fathom things, inform me about issues on the Fathom or with my Palm Hotsync Outlook 2010 patch. Also you might just want to follow me on Twitter because I’m cool.

Here’s my info:

Twitter: @pizzaboy192


Pizzaboy192 – at –
pizzaboy192 -at –


Pizzaboy192 on the following forums:

Also a registered user on WebOSNation\Precentral

You can also just post a comment on a relevant post on this blog.

You can also send me monies via PayPal with my Hotmail address as my account.


3 Responses to Contact me!

  1. arun says:

    hi,,am in urgent need of your help,i am having an LG fathom working well in my state,kerala,India,now i am on roaming and the biggest problem is i am not able to send any text message,,pls help me out,,

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Can you check what the mobile number looks like when you are sending a SMS message? I have read that you may need to edit the number before sending.

      • arun says:

        number is same as we use in routine,,,,i tried entering the number manually,,with and without the country code!!but no use

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