And… the iPaq is getting it’s update!

As was suggested via twitter from a friend, I tried using a VM of XP to do the update… and it kinda works… mostly.

I couldn’t pass the USB connection to the VM, so I had to try an alternate method… USB to Serial converter… and connecting the serial port to the VM.

So… diagram:

Desk > Cradle > PocketPC.

PocketPC > Cradle > Serial > USB to Serial converter > Windows 7

Windows 7  COM 29> VMWare COM 1 > XP > HP\Compaq iPaq update program.

As it happens… it works… updater window says “This Operation will take approximately 60 minutes” and it’s been 2 hours… and only 26% complete so far. (@5:03PM)

I’ll be patient… and here’s hoping it finishes before I have to go to sleep tonight… Beyond that, It’s doing well.

UPDATE 1: Currently at 46%… time: 6:49PM

Update 2: Currently sitting at 98%… Time: 11:31 PM. ETA: 20 minutes. I hope.

Update 3: Update 1 finished @11:40 PM. It’s now 11:45 PM and installing Update 2. This one is via USB. Much Much Much faster. It says 4 minutes, and I believe it this time. Yay VMWare and the USB pass-through stuffs =D Should be done soon, and I’ll be on PPC2003 instead of 2002. Don’t worry. I still own a few 2002 devices. I’m not abandoning the field yet.

update 4: finished updating at 11:50. Hello Windows Mobile 2003 =)


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